Introduction to HTML & CSS Book
HTML & CSS Book (English)

Introduction to HTML & CSS Book

Introduction to HTML & CSS Book

Oh, my native tongue, there is no other

Like the one spoken by my father and mother.

Whatever I have learned since when I was young

It is all thanks to you, my sweet native tongue.

Gabdulla Tuqay (1909)

Gabdulla Tuqay (1886 – 1913) was a Tatar poet, a classic of the Tatar literature, a critic and a publisher. He is often referred as the founder of the modern Tatar literature and the modern Tatar literary language, which replaced Old Tatar language in literature. In this project, you are going to make a Web site about Gabdulla Tuqay to present his biography, literary personality and some of his poems.

A Web site consists of Web pages. Each Web site contains a home page, which is the first document users see when they enter the site. Each page contains text and images. All pages are connected to each other through the hyperlinks. Thus, Web pages are also called hypertext documents. Web browsers typically display hyperlinks using different colored text and underlining.

The Web pages operates on three technologies: HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Your Web Browser knows how to interpret them. The basic language of Web is HTML. HTML refers to Hypertext Markup Language. HTML can show your text and images, but to place them in the correct location on the page and to give formatting to the page elements, you need CSS. CSS refers to Cascading Style Sheet. JavaScript tells the browser how to change the web page in response to user actions and other events. In brief, HTML is responsible for the content, CSS is responsible for the design and JavaScript is responsible for the interactivity.

Picture X.1: The three fundamental Web page technologies.

HTML, CSS and JavaScript codes are written in plain text format. You can write them in any text editor program and save in appropriate extension: .htm or .html files, .css for style sheet files, and .js for JavaScript files. However special Web development software will help you for building Web sites. Microsoft WebMatrix, Adobe DreamWeaver, Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft Expression Web, HTML-Kit Tools, and CoffeeCup Visual Site Designer are some of the Web page design and development tools. We are going to use Microsoft WebMatrix to develop our Web site in this project. You can also find online Web development tools on the Internet to develop and publish your sites.

The Microsoft WebMatrix program will be used for creating the Web site in this project. WebMatrix is a free and lightweight Web development tool. You can create, publish, and maintain your Web site with ease. If you want, you can also use Notepad program, but WebMatrix has the intellisense, it means that when you start writing the codes, it shows the possible codes which you can add.

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