Making Site Diagram
HTML & CSS Book (English)

Step 1 Making Site Diagram

Step 1: Making Site Diagram

Site diagram (also called site map) is the visual map of the pages in a Web site. İt is a good practice to prepare the site diagram of a Web site before starting the actual building. Since every Web site has a home page (index page), the center or starting of a site diagram is always the home page.

You are going to build a simple Web site in this project. The site is consist of the home page and four additioanal pages: Early life, literary life, poems, and photo gallery. The site diagram of the site will be like in Picture X.2.

Picture X.2: Web site diagram.

Practice: Web Site Diagram

Open a Web site on the Internet (for example your school site) and draw its site diagram. You can draw it with a pencil on paper or you can use a drawing program.

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