HTML & CSS Book (English)

Step 3 Starting Your Web Site Project

Step 3: Starting Your Web Site Project

  • Starting Your Web Site Project: Start the WebMatrix, and choose Templates.
  • Click HTML and choose Empty Site.
  • Type the site name (Tugay) in the Site Name text box and click Next (Picture X.5).

Picture X.5: Starting the Web site project.

An empty Web site is created with an index.html file. An index (default) page is the first page that runs in a web site often called Home page.

  • Double click the index.html file to see its content (Picture X.6).


Picture X.6: The structure of an HTML Web page.

An HTML page contains HTML tags and plain text. HTML tags are keywords surrounded by angle brackets like <html>. An html page starts and finishes with <html>…</html> tags. There are two sections in an html page: head and body. In the head section you write information about the page while the body section contains the information that will be shown to the visitors. UTF-8 defines what character coding is used in the page.

UTF-8 is a variable width Unicode format that is compatible with ASCII or plain text for the basic alphanumeric characters. By using the ‘upper half’ of the 8 bit ASCII set and extension codes, it can handle over a million unique characters. It’s a requirement that any Web page defines the formatting of the page within its header info, so any browser knows exactly how to interpret the content.

  • Type the title of the page between the title tags (Picture X.7).


Picture X.7: Adding the title of the page.

  • Click the Save and then click Run to see the page in a browser. The title is shown at the title of the browser page (Picture X.8 and Picture X.9).

Picture X.8: Running the Web site.

Picture X.9: Title of the Web site.

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