HTML & CSS Book (English)

Step 7 Adding Hyperlinks

Step 7 Adding Hyperlinks

  • Add hyperlinks to the page using HTML <a> (anchor) tags (Picture X.23). A hyperlink is used to connect the pages to each other. You can jump from one page to another using hyperlink. The <a> tag is used to create hyperlinks. Write the page path and name in the href attribute, and the hyperlink text before the closing tag </a>.

Picture X.23: Adding the hyperlinks to the Web page.

  • Increase the space between the hyperlinks to have a good appearance by changing the hyperlink texts as in Picture X.24.


Picture X.24: Editing the hyperlink text.

  • Change the formatting of the navigation and hyperlinks in the CSS file (Picture X.25 and Picture X.26).


Picture X.25: Formating the navigation division.


Picture X.26: Formating the hyperlinks.

  • Save and run the page to see the result (Picture X.27).

Picture X.27: The banner and the hyperlinks.

Practice: HTML

Visit the site and similar sites to learn CSS basics (Picture X.28).

Picture X. 28: AN online CSS tutorial.

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