Step 8 Adding Information to the Content Division

Step 8 Adding Information to the Content Division

Adding Information to the Content Division Add your text in the content division of the index.html page. In the content division, type your text and insert your images that you want to show on the home page (Picture X.29). When you write text, you can use some formatting tags:

  • <p>…</p> (paragraph): It makes a paragraph.
  • <strong>…</strong>: It makes important text.
  • <em>…</em> (emphasize): It makes emphasized text.
  • <br/> (break): It inserts a single line break. It does not require closing tag.
  • Add the image Tuqay.jpg in the content division after the first paragraph (Picture X.29). First copy your image to the Images folder, and use the img tag to show the images on the page.


Picture X.27: Adding content to the Web page.

  • Change the formatting of the content division in the CSS file (Picture X.30).


Picture X.30: Formatting the content division.

overflow: hidden; One of the popular uses of setting overflow is float clearing. This means that the element with overflow applied (auto or hidden), will extend as large as it needs to encompass child elements inside that are floated (instead of collapsing), assuming that the height isn’t declared.

  • Save and run the page to see the result (Picture X.31).

Adding Information to the Content

Picture X.31: The banne,hyperlinks and content.

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